Garage Conversions

For a lot people in the UK, their garage is used solely as a storage space. This is a huge waste of potential when you consider what the space could be used for. A garage conversion can turn your garage into any type of room that you want, whether it’s a home office, gym or games room.

We have a vast amount of experience carrying out garage conversions at Anderway Ltd so no matter what type of room you have in mind for your garage we can help you achieve it.

The benefits of a garage conversion

Below are some of the biggest benefits of getting a garage conversion:

  • Create more space – Having more space in your home is never a bad thing. Whilst some people will opt to have an extension made to their home, this isn’t always practical. With a garage conversion, you usually don’t need to obtain planning permission and can create more space in a very affordable way.
  • Add extra value to your home – Another great advantage of having your garage converted is that it can add extra value to your home. Space is one of the primary considerations that people take into account when buying a home so if the day comes that you want to sell, having that extra space will almost certainly add to the value of your home.
  • Create any type of room you want – Most people have a room that they’ve always wanted to create but just haven’t had the space to do it. You can use a garage conversion to create almost any type of room you could think of – whether it’s a home cinema or a new en-suite bedroom.

How does it work?

Getting a garage conversion with Anderway Ltd is incredibly simple. First we’ll find out from you exactly what type of room you want to use the space for. Then we’ll come out to look at your garage so we can decide on how this can be best accomplished.

We always take your personal style preferences into account so if you want a particular type of flooring or certain types of windows, this won’t be a problem. All our work is guaranteed and carried out by highly trained professionals so you can have full peace of mind throughout the process.

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