With the housing market being as volatile as it is, many people are now opting to extend their existing home rather than moving into a new place. At Anderway Ltd, we have an incredible amount of experience in building extensions.

We can extend any part of your home, including the dinning room, kitchen, bedrooms or lounge. We pride ourselves on offering a first class service that’s delivered on schedule and within your budget.

Why get an extension?

As well as the obvious reason of having more space, there are other key benefits of getting an extension. These include:

  • Add value to your home – This is a very significant benefit of having an extension. Whilst you might not be considering selling your home any time soon, when the day does come, it will be worth considerably more than it would have been.
  • Avoid having to move – Moving home can be exciting but it also brings with it a lot of stress. If the primary motivation for moving home is to have more space then often getting an extension can help you avoid such a big upheaval.
  • Create the room you’ve always wanted – Most people have a room that they’ve always wanted to create but just haven’t had the space to do it. This might be a home office, gym or games room. When having an extension to your home, you don’t just have to expand existing rooms but you can also add new ones.

Commercial extensions

Extensions aren’t just useful for domestic properties of course. All manner of commercial properties can benefit from an extension, including schools, hotels, restaurants, bars and shops. Extending your existing premises is much more cost effective than looking for a new property. Let us make your vision a reality and expand your business in the best way possible.

Our vast experience in the building industry means that we can tackle almost any type of extension project with confidence. All our tradesmen are highly trained and CRB checked and the fact that all of our work is guaranteed means you have full peace of mind.

Get in touch

If you’d like to discuss your project with us then don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be able to arrange a site survey.